Dr Lisa McCann

Senior Lecturer
University of Strathclyde

Dr Lisa McCann is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Health and Care within the Digital Health and Wellness Group, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, Scotland). She has a background in psychology and health services research and has been working within in the digital health domain for the last 6 years.
Her main research interests and expertise are within the development, design, implementation and evaluation of person-centred digital health technologies in a range of health care and health service contexts. Digital health technologies include mobile apps, wearable technologies, sensors, virtual reality, and remote monitoring technologies amongst others. These technologies present many opportunities to make a real-world difference to people’s lives; something she is particularly driven by.
Lisa has research experiences as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator on research funded by charities, national and European Funders. Her research portfolio includes studies which: utilise collaborative / co-design methodologies to design and develop effective user-centred interventions; design, develop and test remote patient monitoring technologies to monitor patients symptoms at home; use electronic patient reported outcome measures to assess effectiveness of interventions; implement and evaluate interventions. She has knowledge and experience of qualitative, mixed-methods and randomised controlled trial approaches to data collection and analysis.
Lisa is passionate about working with people across the life course, including families with children and young people with complex health care needs, teenagers and young adults diagnosed with cancer, adults diagnosed with cancer and people with chronic care needs.