Dr Rubén Salvador

Associate Professor, CentraleSupélec

Rubén Salvador is Associate Professor of Computer Engineering at CentraleSupélec, with a joint research appointment at the IETR laboratory in Rennes, France.

His research interests span the areas of embedded computing architectures, reconfigurable computing, hardware security, and self-adaptive systems. Overall, his work aims at building more efficient, secure and intelligent systems. Currently, he is focused on hardware and architectural support to enable creating more secure and lower energy demanding embedded systems for Artificial Intelligence and data processing tasks. On the longer term, he is specially attracted to making these systems architecture morphable, so they can be autonomous and react to protect themselves from attacks or unexpected faults. He strongly believes in team work and is continually looking for collaborations to expand frontiers.

Electrical Engineer by education, he did his PhD (2015) at the Center of Industrial Electronics, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and visited Brno University of Technology, working at the interface of Electronics and Computer Science. Taking inspiration from biology, evolvable hardware enables self-adaptive systems: adaptable computing substrates driven by evolutionary algorithms mimicking reproduction and natural selection, to enable computers to adapt themselves to unanticipated scenarios. Later, he worked on computing accelerators for automatic cancer tissue classification from hyperspectral images using machine learning, where he learnt the impact that interdisciplinary research can have. As a result of this work, he and his colleagues were awarded the UPM Innovatech award (2018) as the most innovative technology at UPM Before joining CentraleSupélec, he was an Assistant Professor (2017–2019) and Teaching Assistant (2012–2017) at UPM, and invited Professor for 5 months at INSA Rennes thanks to HiPEAC and INSA collaboration grants. Before that, he was a Research Assistant (2006–2011) at CEI and Research Engineer at INSIA, UPM.