Dr Pratik Suchde

Marie Curie Fellow, University of Luxembourg

Dr. Pratik Suchde is an applied mathematician whose research focuses on the modelling and simulation of industry-relevant physics and engineering problems. His research interests lie primarily in the development of advanced numerical simulation methods tailored to different real-world applications. The main areas of his work span between fluid flow modelling, and the modelling of surface-scale physics. Through his research, he tries to understand and predict fluid behaviour in situations where experiments are not easily possible. He is always looking for new avenues of applications of mathematical modelling and simulation, and is looking forward to the European Crucible event to foster new inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Pratik began his university education studying mechanical engineering in India. He then moved to Germany, completing a PhD in Mathematics in 2018 at the University of Kaiserslautern, on the topic of advanced simulation techniques. Having a mixed background in engineering and mathematics, he has strived to stay at the interface of the two fields. During his post-doctoral research at the Fraunhofer institute in Germany, he worked closely with automotive and hydro-energy industry partners on the application of mathematical methods to simulate industrial engineering problems. Since then, Pratik has secured the prestigious Marie Sklodowska Curie fellowship, and is presently at the University of Luxembourg, working on model adaptivity and multi-scale methods to enhance the capabilities of current fluid flow simulations.