Senior Lecturer in Signal and Image Processing (on leave of absence),

School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of the West of Scotland

Associate Professor, ETSI Telecomunicación, Universidad de Valladolid

I was one of the Scottish Crucible 2016 participants. The three workshops were an enjoyable and fruitful experience. Scottish Crucible opened my eyes to a wealth of different disciplines my research could be applied to. It also contributed to expand my research objectives beyond publishing papers and securing funding. Now, I know how to engage with media and communicate with policy makers to show scientific evidence to inform decisions.

Being part of Scottish Crucible also allowed me to meet a useful network of talented people and friends who may become future leaders in their areas. Our team managed to get the HIVE project (hyperspectral imaging, vehicle-based epidemiology to improve early warning systems for infectious disease outbreaks) funded and start exploring an exciting area of research. We also put two applications for research council funding which were unfortunately unsuccessful though beneficial learning-wise. We also got PhD funding for the project from the Serth and Gates Foundation.

In terms of my personal progression since then, participation in the Crucible helped building my case for promotion to Senior Lecturer. I am currently an associate professor back in my alma mater. My experience in Scotland, undoubtedly empowered by Scottish Crucible, has helped me in progressing my career by applying a number of lessons learnt therein and keeping my network of collaborators.