Dr Nathalie Lidgi-Guigui

Associate professor at Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

She is a French researcher at the University Sorbonne Paris Nord. She has a background in material sciences and started to work as a researcher in 2010 in the health and medical department of her university, my lab was highly interdisciplinary. It gathers chemists, biochemists and physicists. In this environment she has developed a research centered on the sensitive detection of molecules. She is using surface nanostructuration to enhanced the Raman scattering and is especially interested in the physics principles of molecules/surface interaction to optimize Raman spectroscopy and to detect very low concentration of molecules.

Her team has applied this technique in the framework of collaborations with biologists or environmental scientists. They have demonstrated that it is possible to detect proteins in complexes media such as blood or urine. Another application is the detection of pollutants in water which imply other challenges. In September 2019, she has joined another laboratory (LSPM) where material scientist study matter and especially metals at the nanoscale.

She also is deeply involved in the popularization of science. One of her latest project is her collaboration with artists for the project “The Nano Factory” in which the “why?” and “how?” of a clean room facility are explained.