Dr Kamil Musílek

Vice-dean for international affairs, University of Hradec Králové

Professor Kamil Musílek is Head of Department of Chemistry and Vice-dean for International Affairs at Faculty of Science University of Hradec Kralove. He is pharmacist with PhD and full professorship in Medicinal Chemistry (Charles University in Prague) and the broad experience in Chemical/Medical Toxicology. He spent several internships abroad (University of Heidelberg, University St Andrews, CRSSA La Tronche/Grenoble) combining the knowledge and experience in the multidisciplinary field of biomedicine. He became Head of department in 2011 and developed completely new team of researchers (across chemical and toxicological scientific areas). His team has built up completely new educational program in Chemical Toxicology (Bc-MSc-PhD, fully accredited in 2019), which is unique in the Czech Republic.

His scientific work has been always focused across chemical and biomedical disciplines in about two directions. The first one is focused on the research and development of antidotes against organophosphorus compounds which still of high demand by medical practice or society (e.g. Syria conflict, Skripal/Navalny case). His team has developed very potent molecules that are able to counteract multiple organophosphates. The second topic is connected to ageing (i.e. Alzheimer´s Disease, AD) and its mitochondrial targets/effects. His team believes to add some pieces to the puzzle of AD which is an urgent medical and social need. The results of his scientific carrier were awarded by 2nd-3rd place EFMC Prize for a Young Medicinal Chemist in Academia (2019).