Dr Jun Pang

Senior research scientist, University of Luxembourg

Dr. Jun Pang has been a senior researcher with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Luxembourg since 2008. He received his PhD degree in computer science from Free University Amsterdam, based on research performed at CWI Amsterdam. Before joining the University of Luxembourg, he was a scientific staff member at the University of Oldenburg. Before Oldenburg, he was a postdoctoral researcher at INRIA and Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. His research interests include formal methods, computational systems biology, complex networks, social media mining, security and privacy. He is now serving as an editorial board member for several international journals.

In recent years, supported by several research projects, Dr. Pang and his research team have developed efficient methods for the analysis and control of biological networks modelled as Boolean networks. These methods have important applications in the area of cell reprogramming. Currently, he is interested in the integration of data-driven and computational approaches for the inference, analysis and control of gene regulatory networks. He is also working on methods for representation learning on graph data and applying them for the analysis of complex networks such as social networks and citation networks. Dr. Pang is very interested in interdisciplinary research and he is happy to collaborate with researchers of different backgrounds.