Dr Igor Tereshchenko

Assistant Professor at the National Technical University of Ukraine

Igor is a research scientist from Ukraine with 17 years of experience in computer science and applied mathematics, with a focus on the biomedical field and AI-powered educational projects. Igor is keen on interdisciplinary research projects and has worked in academia, industry, public, and non-profit sectors in the fields of: Biomechanics, Computational Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Information Security, and Corporate Information Systems.

As a Visiting Researcher with Erasmus+ Partnership at University of Luxembourg, Igor was a part of the team of Prof. S. Bordas. During the project, he designed a modular platform for 3D MRI image segmentation currently deployed in Luxembourg Hospital CHL where it is used in decision-making. Previously, Igor had performed joint research activities with the Biomedical Dept of Politecnico di Milano in the chair of Prof. Radaelli, granted by MSCA-RISE H2020 fellowship.

Since 2021 Igor has developed several AI-powered educational projects in the Ukrainian non-profit sector with the mission to empower the next generation in STEM with inclusive teaching with respect to gender. Igor has also been a consultant for public institutions (NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division, State Security Service of Ukraine).

Igor obtained MSc in Applied Mathematics at National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, where he was a Senior Lecturer and conducted research for eight years.

During the current war that is evolving in Ukraine, Igor has co-founded and led a charity project aimed at developing digital technology and human-machine interaction to support humanitarian aid and logistics operations during warfare. The project is in line with Mercycorps / UN agenda 2021-2025 for digitalisation of supply chain management and informative humanitarian system. Igor is interested in performing interdisciplinary research with established Scottish and European researchers to further develop the research projects in digital humanitarian and education fields for the future of democratic Ukraine.