Dr Caroline Kirk

Senior Lecturer in Materials Chemistry, The University of Edinburgh

Dr Caroline Kirk joined the School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, in 2017 as a lecturer in Materials Chemistry, promoted to senior lecturer in 2020. She has published ~60 refereed publications in international journals and has given 10 invited conference lectures.

Research in the Kirk group focuses on coupling property measurements with structural changes leading to the design of high value materials in the fields of energy materials and environmental remediation. She is an expert in structural characterisation and monitoring phase transformation behaviour of natural and synthetic materials using both in house techniques (X ray diffraction, IR spectroscopy, elemental analysis, Thermogravimetric analysis) and advanced characterisation techniques at synchrotron and neutron sources. Current projects in the Kirk group include “Characterisation and stability of autunite-type minerals; development of remediation strategies”, “Synthesis of ettringite and thaumasite analogues and their potential use as remediation materials” and “Sustainable cements – influence of alternative fuels on reactivity and durability of cement”.

Recent collaborative work has involved academic partners at The Natural History Museum, London, University of Manchester, the Diamond Light Source, University of Leicester, Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil and industrial partners including EoN, European Nickel, Brazilian Nickel and Elisabeth cements, Brazil.